Little Angels Book Club

because children are our future

Welcome to Little angels book club

        Our mission is to promote the love of books and reading early in life. Children are our future and reading sets them up for a great start. 

        Noreen Anne has worked in early childhood education for 20 years and has her MBA from DePaul University. She has self-published several books with a positive message for young children and families. Those books include:

I Spy Grandma, an endearing story about 5-year old Rosa recently adopted into a loving family and shares new adventures with her new Grandma. 

Fancy Flamingo Makes Friends,  a story for young and old on being brave and making new friends.  

The Night the Dogs Took Over, highlights the adventures of three responsible dogs and a loving family that adopts the children and pups.  

The King Finds His Heart, The King searches to find happiness and learns a few lessons from the local school children.   


        All books are available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

        The LABC mission is to give back to the community, various children

and family initiatives and charitable organizations.  


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"Fancy Flamingo Makes Friends"